3 Steps to Staying on Track After Spring Break (Vacation)


Fitness is a momentum game. When we have no outside distractions, we’re home consistently for extended periods of time and can control our eating and exercise we see massive progress. But how realistic is it for most people to pair multiple months of that together?! Not likely. So what we need to do is find ways (Cash would say “life hacks”) to implement into our routine that keeps the momentum rolling while these events or disruptions invade our lives. Spring break is here and many Friendshippers have kids that they will be traveling with. Now, as a kid I remember the running around on the beach, sand castles and bike riding all day long…activity was EASY! Disney watchFor adults I’m guessing that meant plenty of beers, eating out, stress (oh my god money isn’t real at Disney?!?), and not much in terms of activity or health. Often times we come back from our vacations lethargic and struggling to find the motivation to get back on the disciplined path. Here are my 3-steps that I have implemented to help make that transition easier and help you keep momentum longer. 1. Book a place with a kitchen. (We use AirBnB and you can go more expensive because…)If you still have control over this it is a game changer on many levels. First, it will save you a few hundred (maybe thousand) on eating out. Head to the Piggly Wiggly on your way in and stock up. Second, you can enjoy a family breakfast together (maybe on a patio?!) full of hearty eggs, fruit, bacon and some toast (Ezekiel preferably). That will set the tone for your day and cure any hangovers you might be experiencing. I then recommend getting your activity in (see #2), and planning out a packed lunch for the park/beach/days activity. At the grocery I always grab a styrofoam cooler (~$2) for the week and pack it up with some deli meat or spinach wraps (smoked turkey, spicy mustard, avocado πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ) and almonds or pistachios. Now you’ve gotten in 70% of your calories in a healthy and cost-effective way. You will feel better and have more energy for the nights activities. 2. Be active everyday, 1/2 days add intensity.Being active on vacation is surprisingly easy. Long hikes or walks on the beach, a game of sand volleyball (or spikeball, join the revolution), a bike ride, scuba diving or even an intense jet ski session. Get something in everyday. On days where you don’t foresee your enjoyment activities being physically active, add some intensity. I posted a challenge workout on IG today using the equipment I had, but your tribe coaches can all prescribe you something to do if you let them know what you have to work with! 20-30minutes, don’t stress about doing movements that take a ton of time to warm-up either. Worst case, grab a kid or spouse and buddy carry them 100m then do 20 squats and 10 burpees for 20mins – it always works and is a fun team building exercise for your family (Friendshippers are fit role models for their kids!). Don’t stress about the what or the how. Anything can be hard with the proper intensity! 3. Contact a coach or training partner on your travel home and commit to a day & time ASAP to workout.We are a community. That means that we pick each other up when we need it most. The slippery slope that can come from the post-vacation hangover is a real threat to your long-term progress. Lean on your coach or best friends to hold you accountable and get you back in right away. It will probably hurt, you will probably not perform very well, but the act of getting the momentum started again will pay massive dividends.Lucky me, I get to come back to the CrossFit Games Open 18.5 and I know all of you will hold me accountable immediately to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It’s what keeps me so thankful for our community! Written by the Owner of Friendship CrossFit Jeff Binek

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