5 Best Protein Recipes On The Go!


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Egg Muffins (Jeff Binek, Owner)

(12-16 Servings — Breakfast / Snack — Prep to complete time: 30mins)

Heat oven to 350Prep/Grease Muffin Pan with Avocado oil

Scramble eggs (~1.5eggs per muffin slot)Pour eggs into muffin slots

Add Toppings

Put in oven for ~25mins, watch for the rising of the eggs, 3-5mins overdone is better than underdone!

Air Fried Atlantic Cod (Shelby Strain, Precision Nutrition Coach)

(12 Servings — Lunch/Dinner — Prep to complete time: 15mins)

Prep Air Fryer to 390 degrees

Cut Cod into ~4inches wide pieces

Season as desired (Montreal Steak, Fajita Spices or Favorite Seasoning)

Separate pieces into air fryer

Cook 9mins, and check if tender enough for fork to cut through

Add Lemon Juice to bottom of Glass Jar

Stack fish & Store

Pulled Pork Carnitas (Andy Arra, RD/LD)

(12-14 Servings — Lunch/Dinner — Prep time: 5-7mins, Slow Cooks)

2 Full Pork Loins

Season with BBQ Rub

Turn Instapot to ‘Saute’ and Sear outsides of Loin 3-5mins

Add Lid & Slow Cook for 6-8hrs

Pull & Store/Eat

Casein Pudding (Emily Carlson, Precision Nutrition)

(10-15 Servings — Snack — Prep Time: 3-5mins)

Ascent Casein (Cappuccino or Chocolate PB)

Add 2 scoops Ascent Casein

2 cups almond milk (a little less for a thicker pudding)

Stir to a thick consistency, add powder or milk as needed.Store in Fridge

Add toppings for flavor if desired (berries, nuts)

Turkey Roll-ups (Kayleigh Caito, RD/LD)

(3-5 Servings — Lunch/Snack — Prep Time: 5-7mins)

Spinach Wrap Base

.Shaved Turkey

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Lettuce Wrap


Mustard or Hot Sauce

Guacamole or Avocado

Roll & Eat or Add Toothpicks for more of a Sushi Feel

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