Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

Available until Sunday, December 8th

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Small Group Training Sessions:

Do you have a group of Friends who all want to workout together this Holiday Season?

Maybe you want to challenge/treat your boss to a new workout regimen…

Or you want to book some family time together doing something healthy?

Maybe you want to speed up your gymnastics progress with private sessions with Jenny?!

These small group sessions are great for whatever your situation calls for!

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Recovery Bundle

CBD Oil & Fish Oil are excellent ways to reduce inflammation and increase recovery. Along with your pack you will receive an Ascent Protein package of your choice to meet your post-workout recovery demands.

We only carry the highest quality brands available on the market, and you cannot find anywhere to beat this price.

Only 6 Packs available here:



Nutrition Coaching & Accountability

The Friendship Nutrition Team is designed to help you create long term lifestyle habit change. As a result, clients can expect to receive a playbook on what habits to shift first to receive the most ‘bang for your buck’ and how to best tackle those habits.

Whether this is a gift to help a friend or you’re looking to up your game, this is a great value for all you will receive…

Through weekly communication, in-person meetings, advanced resources and a helpful guiding hand available to you when you need it – we can ensure the results you gain will get you off the roller coaster of weight gain / weight loss or plateau’s of progress.

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Gift Cards

Looking for a great Holiday Gift option?!

Maybe just a stocking stuffer for future sweatshirts and workout stuff?

Gift cards are available throughout the Holiday Season here:

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