Misconceptions About the Elusive “Abs”

Yesterday I found myself engaged in a common conversation I have with people around the gym and fitness space that involves "seeing their abs." This is arguably the most discussed thing in health and fitness, second only maybe to weight loss. Out of all of articles,...

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Voting and Our Greater Impact

Voting and the peaceful change in power is always an amazing day in any democracy. This week celebrating both our democratic system and Veteran's Day always brings me a sense of gratitude for those who worked and fought so hard in the decades before me. However, we...

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Sunday Coffee Chat: Allison from KFT Brands

Allison Alexander from KFT Brands This episode of the Friendship Podcast Sunday Coffee Chat is with Allison from KFT Brands -- She has an awesome story about getting started with her company, and how she has grown it to be an international brand with her own vision,...

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CrossFit Cycle 4 Knowledge Bomb

Cycle 4 Today we go over what the CrossFit section of the Friendship Fitness will be doing for the next 8-weeks. From strength, to gymnastics to metcons and hero workouts, we go over it all! Enjoy Available on Anchor here...

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Podcast Episode 37: Staying the Course

Available on Anchor here This episode of the Friendship podcast goes into combating the mentality that is plaguing our society's views on relationships, financial stability, health, fitness and nutrition. Available on iTunes here.    Fill out form for More Info...

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