Butts and Guts: Week 4


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Here we go with week 4!!!!    This week gives you some choices!  You can do all the movements for a longer workouts…or break them up into smaller workouts!  Options! 😃Remember to tag us in your Butts & Guts posts (@friendshipfitnessohio and #buttsandguts) for a chance at winning a prize each week! & join us Saturday at 9:30am for a 30 min class!  $5 to drop in if not currently a Friendship Client! No class Saturday 4/27 secondary to there being a seminar at Friendship! Tune in to IG/FB live for the workout!!!

Warm-Up:10 Toe Taps each leg10 Single leg bridges with knee hug10 Side leg raises10 second crunch hold

Work-out:2 Rounds30 Mountain Climbers20 Curtsy Lunges10 Bridge Walk-out________________________2 Rounds30 second hollow hold20 Lunge Pulses10 Belly Clams________________________2 Rounds30 Straight leg crunches20 Knee tap kick backs10 Whole body arch upsCan go through the whole work-out as one long workout or use for different days! Key Points:-all warm-up items should be done with control!  -Performing properly is more important than speed or number of reps! Nutrition Nutrition Tip – Eliminate Added Sugars (not just in your drinks!) Added sugars in the diet paired with an inactive lifestyle is associated to countless chronic diseases; such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Work this week to remove as many added sugars as possible! Note, this is much different than total sugars – which can come naturally from fruits and are VERY different. Look for “added sugars” on food labels, be mindful of sweets and processed foods and any added sugars in beverages like soda, tea, and your morning coffee. Here are just some of the impacts of excessive added sugars in the diet:-Slowed cognitive function and deficits in memory and attention-Compromised ability to process emotion-More intense feelings of hunger-Blood vessel damage (which is the major cause of vascular complications with diabetes)

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