Butts and Guts: Week 5


Week 5!!! This week will really get that ab and side butt burn!  Remember to tag us in your Butts & Guts posts (@friendshipfitnessohio and #buttsandguts) for a chance at winning a prize each week! & join us Saturday at 9:30am for a 30 min class!  $5 to drop in if not currently a Friendship Client! Warm-Up:

Toe Taps each leg10 Single leg bridges with knee hug10 Side leg raises10 second crunch hold Work-out:

10 down to 1

BicyclesLemon squeezers ________________________10 down to 1Side leg raisesLeg circles each direction*so all of one side before flipping to the other! So for each thing it goes 10 of each movement, then 9, then 8…..all the way to 1! Key Points:-all warm-up items should be done with control!  -Bicycles can be performed as crunches where you bring your knee to elbow if needed.-Try to keep your movements controlled- don’t just fly through them! -Keep your side leg raises and your leg circles directly on your side! Nutrition This week we do want you to pick something to eliminate, but what that is up to you!  Really can be anything that you want to try! Can be an excellent test to eliminate something for a week and see if it changes how you feel in any way!  Some common choices might be pop, dairy, grains, alcohol, or candy! The first few days might be hard but after a full week you should be able to say if you felt any different!  Had more energy? Stomach felt better? Skin was clearer? Less cravings? Not different at all?We would love to hear what you pick & what you thought of it!

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