Butts and Gutts: Week 1


Welcome to Butts & Guts!  This program is designed for 6-weeks of core workouts to help you get stronger, more stable, and more ready for swimsuit season! 😉  Work your way through the workouts the best you can each week & try to follow the small nutrition tip to the best of your ability!  Obviously nutrition has a HUGE impact on our hip and abdominal region, so if you are looking for even more help in that area click here to contact our Nutrition Experts!

Monday you will see your at home workout on the blog ( just like this!) and & Saturdays we are hosting a 30 min class at 9:30 am. Free for current Friendship clients & $5 for any guests! Also, every week we will be picking a prize winner from anyone who posts on their social media about the butts & guts program!  You can post about the workout or nutrition part, just make sure you tag Friendship Fitness so we see it — Each post click herewill also get entered to win the grand prize of a Power Dot after the full 6-week program!

Let’s get started!

1) Warm-Up:

10 Toe Taps each leg

10 Single leg bridges with knee hug

10 Side leg raises

10 second crunch hold

2) Work-out:


Straight leg crunches

Knee tap kick backs

Straddle flutters

Then….2 Minutes total in a hollow body hold (break up as needed)

50 Whole body arch up


Key Points:-all warm-up items should be done with control!  -legs stay straight up with the crunches the whole time! -stay directly on your side for the knee tap kick backs!-keep your knees completely straight with the straddle flutters!-feet squeezed together on the whole body arch ups! -drink your water!

Nutrition Tip:


It is recommended to drink your body weight in ounces of clean, filtered water per day! Our bodies are made up of about 2/3 water which means we need a constant intake of this liquidy-substance every day (after all, we aren’t camels!) There are many health benefits by drinking water but a few of our favorites are:1. Improves energy levels and immunity 2. Boosts physical performance by improving fatigue, recovery, and energy level3. Clears toxins and fat from the body4. Increases metabolic rate 5. Improves skin clarity, smoothness and softness!

We recommend having a large water bottle (30-50oz) so you only have to refill a couple of times! Using a straw can also help drink more water, faster! Enjoy!

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