Can you eat healthy in American society?

One of the hardest things facing Americans today is eating healthy in public. In CrossFit, and generally as people on the ‘fit’ end of the spectrum, we face this ‘discrimination’ daily. We don’t whine about it, or complain much…but it’s there. How people are able to handle this says a great deal about their ability to remain healthy through adversity. In the video below (which is a great watch/listen), Adee discusses how other people around you in your work or social circle put their pressures, fears and lack of commitments onto people who choose to eat healthy in public. Things like; bringing food to work in tupperware, weighing or measuring food at a restaurant, asking to change the menu or make substitutes, not eating out, not drinking, etc. These are all things that, if you do them, you are well aware that people will harass you, make fun of you and generally try to bring you down. Think about that. Think about what we do to ourselves as a society, when someone who is working hard to make a conscious effort to be more healthy and take care of themselves, and we make fun of them. Think about the person who is 100lbs overweight, and desperately wants to (and needs to) make that change. Just when they might be getting excited about it, someone brings them down. We hear about it all the time, and worse, we see it effect people all the time. It is a problem that begins early for women in America, many of whom have powerful, athletic and healthy bodies. That needs to be supported, nurtured and empowered. At school, when they bring a healthy meal…support that. If you’re a parent, encourage them to do that, encourage them to make their own meals. Empower them for the future.Being involved with a CrossFit gym, or a nutrition coach, or a nutrition club can be an empowering first step for many people. This is a major reason why you see social circles, friends and family start to shift in and around these things. People are able to find comfort in being supported, rather than put down. People enjoy being helped by others, and pushed to be healthier, stronger, more confident versions of themselves. It is a powerful thing, it is one of the best parts of being deeply involved in this fitness, preventative medicine, movement that we’re working on. Food is fuel, food is medicine, and health/fitness need to be something that is deeply, and vigorously supported in our work and social circles.

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