Charitable Involvement & Our First GM

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The team at Friendship has developed some lofty but exciting goals for 2018 and beyond. We are battling a culture that has allowed ‘gimmick’ fitness trends and mis-information about nutrition and exercise to become the standard, not the exception. This has allowed our society to become the unhealthiest culture in the history, reliant upon pills and drugs to ‘fix’ us. As someone who has felt the strength of a community that has been empowered by leading a happy, energy-filled and healthy lifestyle – I feel it is our duty to help educate and help our friends, family and community.

Dublin CrossFit GMMany of the steps we need to take to help this trend are informational, many will require more community involvement. Cue our first GM – Dr. Jenny Borda! Jenny has been a part of Friendship since the summer of 2012, and has consistently gone above and beyond her duties as an athlete in the gym. She has always cared deeply about the athletes she coaches, the gym’s reputation and culture, as well as running events and charitable efforts. For those who do not know, Jenny’s undergraduate studies were in Communications! A big part of her role will be helping us with outreach in the community to be more involved with charities, events and collaboration.

If you know Jenny, you know that she is the main representative to Barbells for Boobs in Columbus. She has led the Columbus community to top-10 in the country fundraising efforts for the past two years. B4B will continue to be a major effort for her. On top of that, we will be spending more time and effort inside of the two communities that Friendship has been intensely involved with since inception also: Dogs & Veterans. Both have been huge passions in my life, and it’s been cool to surround myself with a community who also cares about these causes.

Right now we have a few events on the calendar in support of these efforts:

  • Sat, February 10th @ 3pm — Puppy Adoption & Fundraising @ Friendship (Link to FB Event Page) for Cause for Canines
  • Wednesday, February 21st @ 5:30pm – I (Jeff) will be speaking with a panel at a Bunker Labs event at The Actual Brewery Co. at 655 N. James Rd – Theme: Small Business.
  • Date TBD – We’re working with Barbells for Bullies for a larger event in August!
  • We’re working with the Wounded Warrior Project on a new concept for veterans to get involved with the fitness community!
  • If you are interested in getting involved with any of these groups or events, please contact us @ [email protected]

Jenny is just getting started here at Friendship, and my hope is that you all can work with her to bring her ideas of events or organizations you might like to work with. Also be thinking about bringing her your ideas for new FCF Swag – as she is taking over all of the store efforts for Friendship as well (So Ladies, expect more cute things…since I just don’t know).

As we continue forward Jenny will be helping me in coach development, which we are proud to have one of the most robust in-house training efforts of any fitness facility you will find. Some of you might have seen her or I working with our next generation of coaches as well, which we are always excited to grow and stoke the passion of new, young and energetic coaches. With the addition of future coaches, a robust developmental team and program, and the addition of Jenny in a more full-time capacity, our team is primed for a strong future. All of this should simply mean better service to your needs, accomplishing goals and crushing PRs at a more rapid pace, and enjoying the atmosphere and community even more!

Lastly, as I started this article saying that I want to help our friends, family and community grow to have a better understanding of what a real fitness plan should look like. Jenny will help me put out more information, ideas and help in the form of blog articles and video resources. If we can reach a few more people and give them the amazing experience of being empowered through taking control of their health – then our jobs are done! Hopefully a lot of this information that we will be putting out is helpful to people currently involved in our community as well.

Here are some pics of me and my Pups from over the years!





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