CrossFit Games 18.3 Tips


Link to schedule your heat time is here: to YouTube Channel here: we knew that sometimes the all inclusive fun was going to have to stop and they were going to have to crank up some skills on everyone! Luckily, they’ve done a lot of many peoples “bad” movements all in one workout (heyyyy look at that bright side).If you are really bummed that you can’t get muscle-ups this year, I would definitely recommend working with Jenny and Gymnastics club and discuss the upcoming cycles of Gymnastics club. Combined Jenny and myself are responsible for well over 200 first-Muscle-ups, and hopefully we’ll get a few more tomorrow.If you are unsure if you should scale or go RX please ask your coach ASAP! Recommended Warm-Up:5-10mins: Ankle & Thoracic SMR work (lax ball)10mins bike @ ~12/9cals/min3-4 rounds:10 DUToe Walk3 Ring Swings + 1 MU1 Squat Snatch + 5 OHS @ 95/65 

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