CrossFit Games 18.4 Tips


Link to schedule your heat time is here: put in a special TL:DR version to start the video this week with highlight points, the longer video follows! guys! 18.4 is here and the Open is getting SERIOUS quickly. As an owner who always cares for the safety, health and longevity of his community first and foremost, I want to make sure everyone knows the possibilities of a workout like this. Being smart and lowering your ego for a day can help you avoid a lingering or potentially serious injury if you have not practiced or are not trained / prepared to do the movements prescribed. Please consult a coach if needed to discuss scales and best practices.Recommended Warm-Up:2-Minutes T-Spine Opener over foam roller or medicine ball10 Wide-Leg Hand Walk-out Push-Ups + Down Dog5 Teeter-toters, or HS Kick-Ups against a wall + 10s holdthen…3 Rounds:10 Good Mornings10 Straight Leg Deadlift5 Push-upsRow 250m Hardthen…Movement prep – 3 Rounds of:5 Deadlifts @ 225/1555 HSPU with solid lockout, held for 2-3s with toes flexed.Spend any additional time remaining opening up your pecs or upper back, do some pass throughs and let your HR come down before going. Home Page Highlights from the Open so far!

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