CrossFit Games 18.5 Tips


Link to schedule your heat time is here: week comes to you from amazing Walt Disney World Resorts!! Quicker / simpler workout this week. You all should feel very prepared for it, we’ve done many combinations of this rep scheme and workout recently! just like that…the 2018 Open is over! You all have been amazing and have performed so well and consistently. Many will be moving on to the next level, but for many of us we get to go back to training hard! Trust me when I tell you, that being “done” with the CFGames season is such a blessing and getting back into the normal flow of training again is always something I enjoyed WAY more than qualifying for the next level.Take this one out hard, don’t be afraid of getting onto the Thrusters fast and churning the first few rounds out quick. It self-governs really quick with the CTB limitation and then BOOM…it’s over! Have fun, good luck and get your first CTB!Recommended Warm-Up: :20s Airdyne All out, 1:00 Casual, :20s All out15 Burpees15 Air Squats*The goal here is to rev that engine ALL THE WAY UP*then…3 rounds:5 Kips + 1 Kipping Pull-up + 1-4 Kipping CTB10 Thrusters (45, 65, 95 each round, 35/55/65 for women) – Weight goes up each set.:30s Leg swings / leg:30s Down Dog stretch — Loosen up the thoracic for both Thrusters, Overhead & Pull-ups!  Home Page Highlights from the Open so far!

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