CrossFit Games Open 18.1 Tips

18.1.jpg guys! I am really excited about this workout. Looking back over the programming revealed that you guys are EXTREMELY prepared for this one.Click here to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!We have been crushing Toes-to-Bar the last few months, inside of the 75-100 rep range and 20+ minute time domain. 4 of the 9 workouts we have done have been grip intensive, and 3/9 were grip intensive AND over 20-minutes.Along with that, Row Club and Rowing over the winter in Ohio gives us a big advantage over all those fair weather southerners who can still run outside. SNOW WIN!Here is a pacing chart and a good check-in on rounds / reps. If you guys can sustain 4/4 or 4/1/1/1/1 on T2B and row at a decent pace your goal should be ~8 rounds. If you can maybe do 8 UB T2B for a few rounds, and keep up a row pace between 900-1000 (F) or 1250-1400 (M) you should expect for the 10-round range. So check your splits. If you’re going for 10 rounds and you finish round 1 at 1:40, you’re out WAY too hot.This image goes over pacing strategies for 18.1I think this is a great one for people to try RX, and I will not say that for all of the (most of the) Open workouts! But if you can do some T2B, singles really aren’t that slow on this, so go for it! Set up a good single station (ask a coach) and get after it!If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign up for a heat ahead of time here:

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