CrossFit Games Open 18.2 / a tips


Video is up BUT the reading portion is important this week, so please read fully then watch the video. Link to schedule your heat time is here: you don’t know what 18.2/a is please read here / watch videos.! Week 1 was good, a fine workout to walk into the Open, but this week the juices will be flowing. Few facilities will stress and work technique in the lifts, and dumbbell (especially uneven) front rack squatting like Friendship has. Since January 1st we have:

  • DB Squatted in workout 8 times
  • Split DB/KB Front Rack lunges 6 times
  • Burpees 11 times (9/11 jumping to or over an object)
  • Heavy Cleaned inside of a workout 3 times.

Below are some workouts that have prepared you for 18.2 well:Jan 3rd:3) Buy-In: 4 Wall Climbs21-15-9:DB Front Squat (55/35/hand)T2BCash-Out: 4 Wall ClimbsJan 13:3) Amrap12 w/ partner:3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, etc. (Both partners must complete each number to move onto the next)DB Thruster (45/30/hand)Calorie on Machine (each team should get their own machine and bring it to their space)Jan 22:3) 21-18-15-12-9-6-3:DB Thrusters(35/20)Burpee Plate Jumps(3-45lb plates (guys) / 3-25lb plates – girls)Jan 29th:2) E4MOM24 (6 Rounds):3 DB Squat Clean (55/35/hand) (RX+ 65/45/hand)6 DB Front Squats15 T2B (Scale V-Ups)15 Box Jump Over6  DB Front Squats3 DB Thrusters18.2 Tips:

  • Check out the video for the set-up, I think that is the only way that will make sense for this workout.
  • Practice and play before your heat with different DB front rack positions. You will need to find something that is comfortable, but speed will be more important. You won’t be spending more than 10-20s for the majority of the workout in that front rack, so don’t stress too much getting the DB into a perfect spot.
  • BREATHE on the front squats, they don’t need to be rushed, you need to just be smooth and focus on getting good oxygen in during these. They’re a tough movement on the core, so it’s common to brace and hold your breath.
  • Start with a deliberate muscle clean, then begin immediately into the squats, stand each up for a brief second then move on. Cycling these doesn’t net you much benefit and can easily result in you not hitting depth or opening your hip and getting a very costly no-rep.
  • Burpee pace before the round of 8 should be smooth, with no wasted energy…NOT rushed! During and after the set of 8, you need to try to pick the pace UP, and go faster. This is the biggest time chunk of this workout, and half the reps, so you have to have your energy going into these sets, but then it’s time to empty the tank.

18.2a Tips:

  • Start at ~75% and your warm-up should build up to a few confident reps at 75% (Personally, I wouldn’t recommend doing more than that, but some people like to, if you do maybe hit your 2nd and/or 3rd weight if you’re worried about that or inconsistent).
  • If your power clean is more than your squat clean, then definitely power clean everything. If they’re close, make a call from your first lift on, you won’t be able to merge in between them confidently.
  • Understand your time remaining:
    • We want 3-4 lifts, thus if you’re 5-6 minutes, Do a lift every 90s starting at 7:30
    • If 6-7 minutes do a lift every 75seconds starting at 8:15
    • if 7-8 minutes do a lift every minute starting at 8:45
    • If 8mins + You’ll have to go by feel, but probably every :45s-60s for your lifts starting at 8:45-9:00.

Recommended Warm-Up is in the Video! 

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