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Big shout out to Adrianne Dorenkott for turning me onto Tim Ferris’ 5-Bullet Fridays! I wanted to have a place to post some podcasts, articles and videos that I’ve been watching or thinking about. Post some thoughts or discussion topics and you guys can watch, read, share or listen as desired!1. Podcast: Tim Kight: Four Questions for LeadersAs teachers, students, leaders and anyone who wants to shift their outlook on life or their career, I think this should be required listening. I’ve now pegged this as a “Must return to in the future” podcast, that I can reflect back on a few times a year (also on that list are: “The Iron”, “42 Things”, “Infinite vs. Finite Games”, and “Above the Line”) and gauge how I feel about it at different places in my life. I enjoy things that make me think critically about my life, my decisions and how I speak to myself. This one put me in a great place mentally, and I think you all will enjoy it.2. Video: video really makes me think about how I will impact the next generation. How will I help frame a better situation for my local community and the children of my friends and family. This will be a struggle and a point of disconnection between generations, one they kids will enjoy and we will not understand. One that will impact their health and fitness in massive ways that we can only begin to see now. Some might view it as “sad” – but instead I think the correct way to think about it is “How could we make this better?”3. Article: “Do you suffer from Decision Fatigue?”This article is full of incredible thought experiments you can run in your brain. What I took away from it is the following:

  • Your brain energy, thought process, mindset, decisions and will power are all very fragile and are a finite resource
  • If you are aware of this…can you change it? Can you train it?
  • Does the process of discipline & willpower create more decisions leading to more “decision stamina” or fatigue you for the afternoon/evening?
  • All important decisions should be made early in the morning, with a fresh brain free from emails, texts, media influence
  • Do not start your decision process before your creative process.

This article is thanks to Amanda Krivanec, and so far I’ve read through it twice, once in the evening and once in the morning. The time it took me to read and what I took away from it was totally different also. Something for you guys to dwell on and think about…If you wake up every day and grab your phone and immediately begin into decision fatigue before you allow yourself any creative though, how much are you hamstringing your personal and professional success? How do your processes aid or take away from this?Enjoy – Have a great weekend!Written by Jeff Binek, Owner, Friendship Fitness

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