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We are committed to changing the way the Lewis Center and Olentangy community approaches health and fitness. The health industry has placed massive obstacles in the way of so many American families. As a result our community is dealing with mental and physical health problems never before seen, and we provide a clear plan to fix these issues through Personal Training, Fitness Classes and Nutrition Coaching!

Our mission is to re-create your experience in the gym. Gone are the days of no one knowing your name or why you’re there. There is no “sink or swim” or “figure it out” at Friendship Fitness Lewis Center, you will always be very clear on your path to success, guided and held accountable by a Coach the entire way.

We have medical professionals ready to help you get back from injury or pregnancy, dietitians ready to get you off those prescription drugs, and Personal Trainers / lifestyle coaches to help you sleep better and get your energy back!

Once you master our system, you will enter the Mentor Stage and begin ‘paying it forward’ to others in your life, and that is how we will Change the World, One Friend at a Time.


Personal Training

Private Coaching time is the best way for you to hone your skills 1-on-1 or with a small group of friends. This tried and true model allows you to schedule around your life, have tailored workouts to achieve goals quickly and ensure you’re injury free for the future! When paired with our group options we can offer a fitness experience that no other Personal Training gym can.


“Lose Weight, Increase Flexibility & Feel Great” — ThriveFit is a community driven, FUN team training program combining fast paced cardio, resistance training, intense core work and yoga in a program specifically designed to maximize fat loss, improve mobility and boost confidence!


Build is a program specially designed to build muscle, teach resistance training and improve flexibility and stability. What you can expect is to look and feel better, to move with more power and confidence and to be healthier in your joints and muscles.

Kids and Teens


“Helping Form a Healthy Future for Our Community” — Our Kids & Teens program covers ages 7-16 with a full range of fitness classes, leadership development, nutrition education, activities and games! We are the only gym in Lewis Center offering this full range of fitness & nutrition classes, and a developmental educational experience for kids under 17.

Nutrition Coaching

Our team of Registered and Licensed Dietitians and Performance Nutrition Coaches are the highest quality nutritional team you can find in Columbus. The best part, is they’re also all trained fitness professionals so they are able to provide advice combining the two key areas of health into one coordinated plan of attack!


Friendship Fitness Lewis Center

7790 N. Central Dr.

Lewis Center, OH 43035

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