Nutrition Coaching

What Can Nutrition Coaching Help With?

Our Nutrition Program has been carefully designed to help anyone achieve success with their eating in the long-term. We don’t try to fit you and your lifestyle into someone else’s fad diet, or force you into restrictive eating — Instead, we design a plan with you to help you keep what foods you enjoy in moderation so that you can stick with your plan for years into the future

We have a heavy educational component to our coaching as well, and you will leave feeling confident in how you eat, how you shop at the grocery and your attitude towards eating!


Lewis Center Free Info Session

Dublin Free Info Session


Accountability Coaching

  • Weekly Accountability, electronic / in-person follow-ups
  • App Access to Coach & Meal Plans
  • InBody testing included
  • Planning & Goals
  • Meal Plans & Macros (as prescribed)
  • 3-month Commitment

Blood Work & Wellness

  • Blood Work through InsideTracker
  • Reading of Bloodwork with Registered Dietitian
  • Plan formation for next steps to improve
  • Addressing “red flags”

InBody Scans & Reading

  • State of the art bodyfat, muscle-mass & visceral fat reading
  • Read by nutrition team coach for red flags or worrisome trendlines
  • InBody

Power Hour + Follow-ups

  • 1-Hour initial appointment to set plan & program in place
  • (2) Follow-ups scheduled at your convenience
  • Initial InBody Scan & reading included
  • Macros & Meal plans (as prescribed)
  • No commitment

Grocery Guidance

  • 1-hour with coach at local grocery stores
  • Planning & Purpose meeting prior 
  • Reading food labels & testing
  • Resources available for food guides & grocery lists 

Kitchen Cleanout

  • At home kitchen/pantry evaluation with coach
  • Kitchen preparation, utensil assessment & recommendations
  • Education and healthful alternatives provided

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