Podcast Episode 129: Wealth Pt. 1 – Mindset & Goals

In this episode we dive into: 

Mindset & Goals

  1. Living Below Your Means

    A Daily practice of delayed gratification

  2. Freedom & Sovereignty
    Just like with our health we don’t want to be reliant on seeing doctors all the time, having prescriptions that need refilled and slowly losing our freedom in movement and health…we don’t want to be beholden to bankers, credit card companies, etc.
    Pay as little in interest as possible
    Want to be free to make our own choices from a stress/job standpoint, from a kids & family standpoint, etc.

  3. Ability to Give Your Greatest Contribution to Society
    I view retirement as the freedom to choose what you ‘give’ away. For some it’s time, for others its money or gifts, for some it’s knowledge and information.

  4. Begin with the end in mind

  5. What is your greatest contribution? What are you great at that you would love to give away for free if you were totally comfortable?

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