CrossFit is truly the tip of the spear. There is no better program ever designed or created to help bring you closer to elite health and fitness. You will experience a community of high performing people to help guide you towards building better habits. CrossFit methodology utilizes Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Classic “Cardio” (we call it Monostructural) work together to get a potent and intense combination that will leave you fitter, faster. We work diligently to ensure you get the proper instruction in each of our classes. There is always something you will be able to improve at in CrossFit and that’s why we love it!

Our coaches are the most experienced in Dublin, Columbus and even Ohio. We have coached and led more people than any other gym in Columbus in our over 10-years of servicing the community. The experienced staff you will encounter will run you through our PROVEN system for success and you will NOT be disappointed. This customized system has been tested and tried with thousands of local Dublin men and women, teens and seniors and it continues to be more successful each year! Come check out if we have spots available now.


Build is a very new fitness offering following the Functional Bodybuilding methodology. It helps build lean muscle-mass and solid movement mechanics. The phrase “Look good, Move well” defines the key point of this group class offering at Friendship Fitness & Nutrition. If interested, check out our podcasts on this program here: 

Under-17 Program

Our Under-17 Youth program covers ages 3-16 with a full range of fitness classes, leadership development, nutrition education, activities and games! We are the only gym in Ohio offering this full range of classes and educational experience for kids under 17. 

Each athlete is placed into a class by the coach to ensure they can develop, learn, enjoy and improve. From there they can ‘graduate’ upwards all the way into our adult classes!


ThriveFit is a group fitness class designed to leave you feeling better after class, be in a positive environment and find success. You will lose weight, gain muscle and increase your confidence! You will use Yoga to be limber and move better, and hit a high intensity workout to achieve that “WOW” factor from friends and family when you start looking better!

This 1-hour group fitness class is always coach led, and in a great community that will leave you smiling and high fiving your classmates. We program everything for you, teach you all of the movements and address any specific issues you might face personally so all you need to do is show up – How cool is that?


Our Gymnastics Club is run by renowned coach Jenny Borda.  Jenny was a division-I gymnast at Ohio State, who has then established herself as a top CrossFit athlete (fittest woman in Ohio), a US Record Holder in Olympic Lifting and top-tier coach and Physical Therapist. This program is responsible for hundreds of firsts Pull-ups, Rope Climbs, Handstands and muscle-ups! It is a fun, laid back group atmosphere to improve in!

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Program has been carefully designed to help anyone achieve success with their eating in the long-term. We don’t try to fit you and your lifestyle into someone else’s fad diet, or force you into restrictive eating — Instead, we design a plan with you to help you keep what foods you enjoy in moderation so that you can stick with your plan for years into the future

We have a heavy educational component to our coaching as well, and you will leave feeling confident in how you eat, how you shop at the grocery and your attitude towards eating!

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