CrossFit Group Classes

CrossFit is truly the tip of the spear. There is no better program ever designed or created to help bring people towards elite health and fitness. We utilize a community of high performing people to help coach you towards building better habits. CrossFit methodology utilizes Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Classic “Cardio” (we call it Monostructural) work together to get a potent and intense combination that will leave you fitter, faster. There is always something you will be able to improve at in CrossFit and that’s why we love it!
Our coaches are the most experienced in Ohio, we have coached and led multiple teams and individuals to the highest levels of competitions, run traveling seminars and programs, designed workouts and programs that are used all over the world and genuinely love our craft. Our programming is famous in many circles of the sport, and is always sure to mix creativity, fun and hard work to get you the results you need. Whether it’s skinny or strong, sexy or smooth, playing with kids or being at the CrossFit Games we can help get you there!
We are a positive and diverse group, and love to bring energy and excitement to fitness. Anyone who comes through our doors during a class will immediately feel the atmosphere and how infectiously fun it is.
On top of our elite coaching staff and world class facility we also offer more specialty classes, seminars and challenges than any other local facility. We have heavily invested in our community and facility to ensure that you have the best showers, the nicest bathrooms and the best Rogue Gear available to train with. We know that you will feel right at home once you come into our amazing group class experience!

*Discounts available for LEO, Active Military & Families