What is CrossFit?

CrossFit at it’s core is a mash-up of multiple popular workout styles. Technically it is defined as “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at a high intensity” — This basically means we’re going to get you back to moving like a HUMAN should. Learning (or re-learning) to run, jump, swing, hang, lift, squat and play like we used to when we were kids, now we just have some fun new adult toys to do it with!

Like when we were kids also, we enjoy our CrossFit with a group of people. Friends, families and co-workers come together to engage in team workouts that help build accountability, effort and more (see our post on why Group Fitness works). We encourage you to smile, laugh and HAVE FUN exercising — it should be the best hour of every day for you. 


See inside what a class looks like below!

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