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Why Should I Look Into Personal Training?

Personal Training is the best way that you can ensure results. You will be introduced to one of our Friendship coaches, who definitely hold up to their name! Get ready to meet someone who will get to know you, your family and be a major impact on your life! You will not find a better team of Personal Training in Columbus, Ohio.

A major benefit of Personal Training is the individual program design that the coach will take you through. All you need to do is schedule and show up, and the workouts will be custom tailored to what you want to achieve! 

These coaches will push you to success you’ve never even dreamed of


Read Sean’s Review to Understand More!

After a few years away from the gym, or any consistent physical activity for that matter, I joined Friendship CrossFit. Why CrossFit? Well, a very well-timed email from the owner checking in with me and asking if I ever thought about coming back to Friendship CrossFit prompted my return. Like re-entry of any kind, it sucked. It’s hard going to a place when you know the workouts will be tough, the journey you’re about to embark on is going to be tougher, and you will probably be the most out-of-shape person in the place – all of which was probably true when I started at Friendship this past April. I was 350 lbs., not happy, extremely self-conscious, and heading down a path, health-wise, that I knew didn’t have a happy ending.

Today, December 13th, roughly 8 months later, I am officially 100 pounds lighter.

The positive impact that this journey has had on so many different facets of my life, family, work, and relationships, is amazing. It’s still hard to believe the huge change that has occurred in such a short time.

So, how did this happen? Hard work, yes. Determination, yes. Focus on nutrition, yes. But the main reason are the people at this place. From the owner, to the coaches, to the members. Every single person pushes you to be better. The support and encouragement you get everyday is unreal. The added benefit: it holds you accountable. I could go on and on, but if you need to make a positive change in your life, for any reason, reach out to these guys. Reach out to one of the coaches. It will be the best decision you ever made. Thank you, Jeff, for sending that email back in April. And, thank you, Andy – you are my ambassador of quan!

Sean Suttle

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