The Best Group Fitness Class in Columbus!

What Can We Do To Make You Thrive?

ThriveFit is a group fitness class designed to leave you feeling better after class, be in a positive environment and find success. You will lose weight, gain muscle and increase your confidence! You will use Yoga to be limber and move better, and hit a high intensity workout to achieve that “WOW” factor from friends and family when you start looking better!

This 1-hour group fitness class is always coach led, and in a great community that will leave you smiling and high fiving your classmates. We program everything for you, teach you all of the movements and address any specific issues you might face personally so all you need to do is show up – How cool is that?

Coach Maria Binek is universally renowned for her skills as a coach, and her energy as a person. You will not meet a better instructor in the Midwest! Come check out a class for free by signing up below.

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