Run Club Week 2


Hey guys!Welcome to Friendship Running Club Week 2!For those of you who missed it, make sure you check out the Podcast that outlines the major issues and pains of running that we will be addressing. There is a lot of information in there that will be very important to our program as we begin.Our program will wrap up with some fun race options the following Saturday:

  1. Color Run 5k
  2. Darby Creek 5k/10k Trail Run

When/Where: Tuesday, June 12th @ 5:45pm at FriendshipSunday, June 17th @ 9am **1hour earlier** at Thomas Worthington HS TrackWhat: Tuesday: Warm-Up – 3:00 Banded March holding MedballPace Control & Breathing work — 4 Rounds:2:00 – 30 Bounding Step-Ups + 30 Heidens JumpsRight into 40/30 Calories C2 Bike @ 1250/950 – Working on holding the pace and breathing / relaxing.Rest 10 Deep Breaths walkingSunday:Warm-Up Single-Leg Bounding Drills10x400m @ Mile PR Pace, rest 1minute in between*Come prepared, this is very difficult to achieve 10/10 pace*

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