Running Club: Week 1


For those of you who missed it, make sure you check out the Podcast that outlines the major issues and pains of running that we will be addressing. There is a lot of information in there that will be very important to our program as we begin.Our program will wrap up with some fun race options the following Saturday:

  1. Color Run 5k
  2. Darby Creek 5k/10k Trail Run

We can discuss which one we feel is better for us, or have people do both!For this week our workouts are the following:Tuesday: 5:45pm @ Friendship —

  • Warm-Up Drills
  • 6 Rounds: 1:00 Alternating Step-Jumps, 1:00 Leaning Run, 100m Sprint
  • Agility Drills

Sunday: 10am @ Thomas Worthington High School Track – Testing: 5k Run

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