The What & Why Behind Our Mom’s Class


Having a baby is a life-changing event in so many ways. Your routine becomes completely different, your priorities shift, and your relationships evolve. Of course, your body goes through an intense transformation – it freaking creates life – how could it not?! With all of these changes, usually comes stress. Moms have to put others’ needs above their own and because of that, their own health (both mental and physical) and fitness can slip down their lists of priorities. Even if a woman is active during her pregnancy, she can struggle to get back into health and fitness after her baby is born. And once families start to add second, third, etc. children, those challenges also multiply. This image is of Liz Van Winkle and her family I’ve been through this and I know lots of other who have as well. As a coach and a friend, a major goal of mine is to help moms figure out how to navigate the tricky times post-partum and with small children at home who rely on them for so much. I feel extremely lucky that Jeff and the other coaches at Friendship are supportive of this goal and of the moms in our community. We have recently added a Mom’s Class to help women conquer many of the common roadblocks to getting back into and becoming consistent with health and fitness.  Roadblock #1: They don’t have a plan to return to physical activity post-partum. Solution #1: Through working with Dr. Jenny Borda DPT, as well as my own experience and research, the team at Friendship has well-developed, personalized plans to help women get back into working out in a smart and careful way. We work on developing core and pelvic floor stability and joint mobility, as well as utilizing thoughtful scaling for every workout and movement to give women effective, safe, and progressive workouts.  Roadblock #2: Women can’t find someone to watch the baby when they want to workout!Solution #2: Moms’ Class is 100% kid-friendly! We meet during a time when we have the gym to ourselves and kids are allowed on the workout floor. Of course, we take all steps necessary to ensure their safety. Older children can workout alongside their moms and younger ones can sit contently in their strollers or roll around on a gymnastics mat on the floor.  Roadblock #3: Moms feel isolated and struggle to stay consistent.Solution #3: All of the amazing things about the Friendship community are exemplified in our Mom’s Class. We support and encourage one another, share stories to find common ground (sympathizing about sleepless nights is a great place to start!), and hold one another accountable. Having a solid circle of support is integral to everyone’s success and moms are no different. It is vitally important to find that community to lean on in time of difficulty.  This class is full of inspiring women in a positive and supportive environment. Our goals are the same as the wider community of Friendship – be open, work hard, and do the best we can with what we have everyday…oh, and have a little bit of fun too!If you would like to contact me please email: [email protected] or click the link below to fill out our contact form![maxbutton id=”5″ text=”Get More Information!” ] 

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