How A Challenge Can Be Your Catalyst to Habit Change

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How A Challenge Can Be Your Catalyst to Habit Change

Written by Emily Carlson, PN-L1

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Here we are, starting a new year and a new decade! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and we are all trying to find our way back to our normal routines. A new year always brings with it passion and excitement for undertaking some personal goals. Statistics show, however, that although we have great intentions, we often lack the structure, direction, and accountability needed to tackle those goals. Often times, by week three of the new year, your passion and excitement has already trailed off and you are slipping back into your old bad habits and routines. 

In September 2019 we introduced the Wellness Lifestyle Challenge. During that six week challenge, we helped several from the community identify and kick some bad habits, while creating new healthy lifestyle habits through high levels of accountability individually as well as Friendship’s top quality group setting. Many of those challengers are still reaping the benefits well after the challenge has ended, which is our biggest goal from this; habit change that STICKS.  

With great success and positive feedback from the challengers, the Nutrition Team has decided to, once again, provide the Wellness Lifestyle Challenge. We will define what it is that has plagued you, prevented you from achieving goals set in the past, and most importantly breathe life into those things we’ve told ourselves enough excuses about and kick them to the curb for good. Ladies & gents — I give to you the second Wellness Lifestyle Challenge coming end of January 2020! 

In short, we’re looking to take on those who want to make changes to their overall lifestyle of health, fitness & nutrition. We’d also like to open our doors to the greater community; someone you may know and are confident our outreach can help. Every month someone’s new story and journey to health and happiness begins from a friend’s encouragement, support and guidance. 

For 6 short weeks, we will be focusing on habits, decision making and continuous improvement; adopting a mindset of 1% better everyday! The fact is if you’re having trouble changing your habits – it’s not you – the problem is your system. We’ll work to distill complex problems to simple behaviors that we can immediately apply into your daily life. Whether you call your lifestyle pitfalls, road-blocks, hiccups, or regressions — we will work to reshape the way we view these obstacles and even find that the obstacle may in fact be the way.

The Friendship Team truly hopes to see a dedicated, bought in group who is ready to go end of January and we are looking forward to seeing this through with you to kick those habits for good!

Friendship Wellness Lifestyle Challenge 2020: Change your habits, change your life!

Thank you, 

Coach Andy and Coach Emily

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