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So for weeks now we’ve been leading up to our 3rd Annual Whole Life Challenge. You might have heard Baby Bear’s amazing story of how the challenge helped her develop lasting exercise habits (going from 0-1 days/week to 4-5 days consistently), which led to a 6% bodyfat change in 8-weeks. You might have come to our seminar and heard about habit change and nutrition hacks. You might have heard from a coach, done a corporate challenge with us or seen on our Facebook page and all of this never got you into any ACTION! So…here we go:What is the Whole Life Challenge?This challenge is designed to help you develop better healthy habits in 7-different focus areas over a 6-week time period. We put these focus areas into 3 Buckets:

  • Physical: Exercise, Mobility
  • Mental: Reflection, Lifestyle
  • Wellness: Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep

Each day you will use the WLC App on your phone or computer to log your scores in these 7-areas, and write a brief reflection (we like to use it for something you’re grateful for) about your day. The practice of gratitude has major positive implications on your health alone, and is a great habit to pick up! WLC has done an amazing job providing awesome resources to help you figure out how to improve these habits, and our coaching staff goes the extra mile to help hold you accountable and be involved with the habit selection that will best benefit for you.As discussed in our seminar, your habits will define you as a person. Your success, your relationships, your positive emotions and emotional stability are all controlled by your habits. Sometimes this challenge is best suited to help you break a bad habit (smoking, drinking (soda or alcohol), late night snacks) and other times this challenge is best used to help you build a new habit (exercise, sleeping more, stress management). The nice thing is that you can define what you want to get out of this challenge, communicate it to our community and then go to work on it![button link=” ” newwindow=”yes”] Sign-Up For WLC[/button]Why should I do the WLC?Developing yourself intellectually, physically and emotionally as adults is something that is slipping and fading away more easily with every new iPhone that comes out. Those who find time and habits to remove themselves from the easy, comfortable temptations of the “quick fix” and dedicate themselves to a process of improvement are going to be far more successful and happy than their less focused neighbors. Our kids and the next generation learn habits from us, and we can best help, develop, educate and set up our youth for success if we can show them the appropriate process to being an adult of forward momentum and positive relationships. But those things start with healthy habits. Every person is going to have their own why and their own reasons for taking pride in developing different habits in this challenge — but the path to being a better person is everyone’s global why.How can I be a part of the WLC at Friendship?This week we will be running test-in workout & InBody scans to get you some before numbers. I also encourage people taking on nutrition and exercise as their main focus to take some before pictures, and for those focusing on sleep or stress management habits – to journal what their normal day is right now and what their frustrations are, then what success in 6-weeks looks like to them.Workout: 4 Rounds: 250m Row, 12 Burpees, 12 Goblet Squats w/ KBTimes:

  • Tuesday: 1-3pm
  • Thursday: 1-3pm
  • Friday: 3-6pm
  • Saturday: 8am-Noon (preferably between class times or after class times)

To test in you must be signed up for the WLC (You can do that here: ) and on our list and you can pre-sign up for a time here: you are focusing on Nutrition or Exercise and need some guidance or assistance you can find more information and develop a personal coaching relationship and goal setting session here:Nutrition: you can fill out the form below and I will get in contact with you![button link=” ” newwindow=”yes”] Sign-Up For WLC[/button]Personally I will be working on Gratitude, writing one letter per night for 6-weeks (new habit development) and cutting out all alcohol (breaking habit).For a more official and detailed Podcast & Link resource version of this blog check out The Wellness Mama’s Podcast with Andy Petranek, creator of the WLC.[wpforms id=”2758″]

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