Why Do We Wait?


I watched this video today:’ve had 3 conversations this week alone about people experiencing a similar situation. All of them share similar sentiments:

  • I’m going to work a little less, I quit my job and I’m working for a smaller company with less stress.
  • I’m spending more time with my family.
  • I’m focused on my diet and exercise.

Why does it take having a massive heart attack, having a loved one die, or seeing someone else lose every day functionality for the reality of our health and our being to hit us? Why is the term “worked himself into an early grave” even a known-phrase in our society?! Our society is too often on its ass, and unfortunately there are not enough profound moments in our day-to-day lives that prompt a “get off your ass and take action” change of state…and many aren’t as lucky as Kevin was.Have you ever spent time around people who really take care of themselves? Aren’t they always surprisingly happy? There is a reason for that. Have you ever spent time around someone who has figured out that time with loved ones is more important than work and money? They’re pretty fun to spend time with. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your happiness…find someone who is very happy and spend time around them. Notice their habits, notice how they communicate and spend time. Ask them questions, and let it all rub off on you. Then take action on making changes for yourself.The same goes for your health and fitness. A large percentage of Friendshippers (and all CrossFitters for that matter) are referrals. There is a reason…someone noticed that Joe looks amazing lately, or that Sally seems much happier than she used to be. Maybe it’s a new confidence, a pep in their step, more energy or you’ve met someone who has empowered you…finally! People recognize those things, and if they want the thing that Joe or Sally has – smart people ask about it.One of the things that I have the most confidence in, is that spending time around people who build me up, and who bring me positivity while simultaneously investing in my mental and physical health will serve me well for the rest of my life. Luckily, I’ve found a place where I can get all of that and more. It saddens me however, that so many Americans need that horrible “moment” before they take action to find their place. So often, when you hear about what that moment was, it was totally avoidable. So we have a choice….we can leave it up to fate and statistics and gamble to see if we will BE the tragedy ourselves, or we can take our immediate action and take the steps that will put the statistics back in our favor.I want to motivate my son or daughter. I want to motivate my wife, my friends, my family and my community. But I want to do it by inspiring them by the life I’m leading. I definitely do not want to motivate them because I died at 46 years old due to not taking care of myself. Mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand, treating yourself right is your obligation to your loved ones. Don’t be ‘tragic’, ‘such a shame’, ‘too soon’, or ‘even a good run’. Let’s all smile, laugh, dance, empower, inspire and motivate each other until everyone we know says “That’s a fucking hell of a ride”. I also hope this helps someone find Billions…great show.Author Jeff Binek is the Owner of Friendship CrossFit. If you like reading please check out the Friendship CrossFit Podcast as well – where Jeff goes into more depth about Mental and Physical training! 

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