Winter Rowing & Aerobic Training


This winter we are pairing up with Ashley Sway to bring you a fun way to increase your aerobic capacity, improve your rowing technique and devote yourself to a program throughout a tough part of the year. Ashley rowed for the Greater Dayton Rowing Association in High School, and upon graduation rowed all four years at Indiana University. After graduating, her coaching career began at her old club (GDRA) and then moved up to coaching at the University of Dayton. She has a serious passion for coaching, and her seminars have received high praise from all attendees — You will love her energy!We are looking for 12 motivated individuals to join us for:

  • Rowing Clinic
  • 6-Week Rowing Program (December 14-January 21st)
  • Test-Out Celebration!

The clinic to kick things off will be held on Sunday, December 10th at 10am – It will go over the basics of rowing and set the tone for where your form education and development needs to be focused. We will also do our test-in row on this day! If you sign-up for the program, this seminar will be free. You may come and listen in and learn, even if you aren’t able to commit to the program for just $10!The 6-week program will take you through a series of workouts designed to improve your technique, increase your aerobic capacity, develop better positional stamina and help you make rowing an asset in your fitness arsenal, not a detriment! No more cramping feet, sore shins, or low-power pulls in here! It will meet on:

  • Thursday evenings at 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Sunday mornings at 10am-11am

This will replace our endurance workouts for these 6-weeks, and I definitely recommend seeking out the coaching and programming of Ashley as a nice “change-up” to your normal routine.$79 for Friendshippers — Click Here$99 for NON-FCFers — Click Here

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