The Success Pyramid (all episodes)


Episode 1: Mindset

This episode of the Friendship discusses the Friendship Pyramid, which is a collaborative effort by the Founders of Friendship – Jeff Binek & Grant Christman that aimed to be a guiding light for individuals as they began to take on any new fitness endeavor. It is based on the classic CrossFit pyramid, but is far more in depth and advanced in it’s understanding. Over the next few days and weeks, we’ll discuss each section of the pyramid and what it means.

Episode 2: Nutrition

This episode of the Friendship Coach Andy Arra, RD/LD comes on to be our Subject Matter Expert in Nutrition and all things nutrition coaching, mindset and development. We discuss wide ranging topics from propaganda, to tactile tips that will help you right away. Lots of nuggets to put into play here!

Episode 3: Movement and Strength

This episode of the Friendship we discuss why “Movement is Medicine” and how we need to be thinking about building our mechanical base, building consistency and capacity. CrossFit remains the king in the workout space on developing sound functional movements and having the highest expectations of us to be able to perform the way we should be able to, here we discuss how to best implement that methodology and why.

Episode 4: Conditioning

This episode of the Friendship we discuss the 4th stage of development within the Friendship Pyramid: Conditioning. We discuss the ins and outs of developing this area and the most common setbacks we see once we get to this stage.

Episode 5: Sport & Intensity

This episode of the Friendship we discuss the 5th stage of the pyramid: Sport. We discuss the mindset of intensity and competition and how often it is misunderstood much to the detriment of the athlete’s development.

Episode 6: Community & Support

This episode of the Friendship is the final discussion on the Friendship Pyramid (Found at ) based around community and support. We discuss why it is integral to have people in your life who challenge you, hold you accountable and support you when you’re struggling. Without this our chances of success are slim to none, because our default is always to go back to things that are comfortable and convenient. Once we achieve success in our health and happiness, it is imperative that we support and assist others in challenging their way of thinking and being, that is how we have created such a strong community at Friendship.

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