We have put together a team of doctors, nutritionists and licensed dietitians, coaches and practitioners to provide a unique and superior approach to fitness.

Friendship Differentiators

100 Day Journey

Utilizing Fitness & Nutrition to attack your goals quickly with your own coach


The only Stamina and Longevity building class in Columbus

Nutrition Design

Dietitian built meal plans and grocery lists to take the guess work out of eating

Expert Designed Programs

Subject matter experts (SME) design our special club programs.

Kids & Teens

4-Programs starting at age 4 and preparing you for elite athletics up to age 19

Tip of the Spear

Our CrossFit program provides limitless potential with multiple CF Games Athletes and High Performers

Mentor Model

Our coaches & community build high performers through systemized habit change & mentorship to help you become a high performer.

Program & Classes

Our programs offer something for everyone. Whether you are just starting your fitness and health journey or you are a seasoned athlete, we can help you meet your goals and sustain a lifetime of health. Come in and meet us at Friendship CrossFit in Dublin for a free fitness consult today


At the forefront of preventative healthcare

Listen to our frequent podcast for insights, education, and entertainment. Covering everything health and fitness, we think you’ll find something of value!



A variety of topics to keep you engaged and educated

We love being able to share a little slice of our community and keep you in step with what is going on in the health and fitness world through our blog.



We have something for everyone

Each program provides the value of a specific focus based on your goals, age or desired improvement while putting you into a fun and exciting atmosphere.


We all know you can’t exercise a bad diet. At Friendship CrossFit, we recognize that nutrition is the foundation for lasting health and fitness.

We have built a team of professional nutrition experts into our coaching staff. We believe that the best way to end the obesity epidemic in America is through educating families and helping them implement a sustainable approach to eating.

We offer a 4-phase program design that starts at base-level, assuming you have never worked on nutrition before. As you progress up the phases, we will look into blood tests for nutrient deficiencies and areas of opportunity to improve your health. The phases are designed to have you meet goals at the end of each section so that you can stay motivated and consistent while working for a longer period of time.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our clients and visitors have said about Friendship CrossFit!
My husband and I decided to try a six week CrossFit challenge together. He had lots of experience where I had none. From the very beginning, from meeting the coaches to jumping into a health and fitness challenge in a high- energy climate we learned so much about food and fitness together.

With our busy schedules, coaches Jeff and Andy were also flexible and made themselves available whenever we needed them to be. They were both encouraging and genuinely took an interest in all of us and kept us on track for our health and wellness goals. My husband and I are convinced we could not have done this without the structure and support from the coaches and Friendship. No matter what your workout experience, I would highly recommend friendship CrossFit! Jessica S.

Big thanks to Coach Liz and Coach Andy for a warm welcome and a great workout. I dropped in this morning because my hotel was very close. What a great decision.

Good training on form and a very motivated group during the workout. Lots of energy! Everyone was very nice. Thanks again!

If you’re ever in Columbus, make sure you stay in Dublin and go see Friendship CrossFit. You’ll be glad you did. Kevin W.

I joined Friendship Crossfit as part of a 6-week challenge in mid-January ‘18 with no prior Crossfit experience. I saw tremendous results and joined on as a full-time member after the challenge was complete. Andy and Jeff could not be any more supportive as coaches.

In addition to being terrific instructors, they take a legitimate interest in you as a person and encourage you to reach your goals in and out of the gym. Our challenge group was separate from the classes for members but we often encountered members and they were extremely welcoming! The coaches and members truly live up to the gym’s namesake. Jeff N.

From the very first workout, I was blown away by the community culture at Friendship Crossfit. The coaches and owners are phenomenal leaders who have instilled a strong sense of pride, community, and excitement for all of the members. All of the coaches I have encountered so far are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and approachable.

The programming is diverse and challenging, but also scalable for everyone. I can’t wait to try out some of the specialty courses that they provide. It is safe to say that this gym lives up to its name and I am so excited to be a part of it. Megan Z.

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