Winter 2019 Gear


This year we have some exciting new gear options coming!

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First — Rudis Gear is helping us create some extremely high quality gym bag options with Friendship’s logo on them. These bags are absolutely top of the line and we have a few around the gym you can check out if you want to see them before ordering!Second — We’re creating some new Winter hats that are extremely high quality from Pukka, these will be bulk ordered and available soonThird — Tots & Kids shirts are coming out, some of you may have seen the design concepts, if not they are very cool and we hope the kids will love them – They will also be bulk ordered!Fourth — Our great friends at KFT Brands have created a Unisex Jogger that we will have embroidered! For reference, Jeff wears a Large, Mitchell wears a Medium and Maria wears a small.Lastly, this will be our final sweatshirt order for the year, so if you want a hoodie or crewneck this will be your last chance!

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