Announcement: Wellness Lifestyle Challenge 2019


Here we are, nearly finished with Summer trying to squeeze every last bit of these dog days in. It’s already beginning to cool down outside, and I for one am truly excited about what the change of seasons will bring us this year. The start of the school year has crept up and is beginning this week for nearly everyone in our community. For these same people, I am sure it feels like just as they were getting a handle on their summer schedules — it’s time to adapt again! Earlier mornings, more traffic on commutes, different schedules, longer days and tirelessly working to get everything accomplished into the wee hours of the night. A recipe for disaster that is challenging to navigate due to the deranged sleep cycles, nutrition struggles and fitness inconsistencies.  In the past we have taken different routes at this time with hopes to help families build a system, hold the community more accountable and navigate this challenge together; Whole Life Challenge, Paleo Challenges, etc. I’d like to think here at Friendship we are cut from a different cloth and we do not elect to take the path most taken; our culture leans into challenge & adversity and we come out the other end molded all the better by the fire we withstood. So, this year, we are going to take it up a notch and work on tackling these issues at their source. We will define what it is that has plagued us, prevented you from achieving goals set in the past, and most importantly breathe life into those things we’ve told ourselves enough excuses about and kick them to the curb for good. Ladies & gents — I give to you the Wellness Lifestyle Challenge coming September 2019!  Years of counseling and now fully immersed in coaching has proven one thing time and time again – knowing & applying are two vastly different beasts in the world of self improvement. It’s one thing to know that we should eat more fruits & vegetables, drink water, sleep…yada yada yada. But, how do we implement the systems necessary to master these very simple areas of our lifestyle? In my opinion, it comes down to the new identity we adopt and how steadfast we are in living out the habits of what “a healthful person does”. In short, we’re looking to take on the Friendship Class of 2019 and those who are newer to an overall lifestyle of health, fitness & nutrition. We’d also like to open our doors to a lucky few in the greater community; someone you may know and are confident our outreach can help. Every month someone’s new story and journey to health and happiness begins from a friend’s encouragement, support and guidance. So, if you’ve done “nutrition challenges” before, are knowledgeable on all things nutrition and lifestyle… you are already on your path to success and we are always here to help you, but this challenge ain’t for you. [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] More Info & Sign-Up[/button] For 6 short weeks, we will be focusing on habits, decision making and continuous improvement; adopting a mindset of 1% marginal gains each day! The fact is if you’re having trouble changing your habits – it’s not you – the problem is your system. We’ll work to distill complex problems to simple behaviors that we can immediately apply into your daily life. Whether you call your lifestyle pitfalls road-blocks, hiccups, or regressions — we will work to reshape the way we view these obstacles and even find that the obstacle may in fact be the way. Now, not to undermine your excitement, but I want you to understand that this is going to be hard. Meaning, we will be working to literally move you in the complete opposite direction of some things you have become incredibly comfortable with. THIS IS TOUGH and we don’t want you to sign up if you’re not ready to kick some habits for good! I acknowledge that for some of you these habits are small and we need a kickstart in the right direction. Others, may have a much harder task ahead of them — and that’s okay too! To soften the burden – our idea here is that we want to build a system around you during this time of high accountability, exposure to “reps” in honing these new habits, and provide tools, concepts & ideas to help better understand & control these lifestyle pitfalls. Not to mention – the support from the best damn community in the midwest! Next Steps:

  • We will be hosting a kick-off seminar on Sunday September 1st completely free to the community. The purpose being to set the tone for the challenge, answer questions and to drop some free knowledge bombs to provide some immediate value. Final challenge details about the 6 weeks will be discussed at the Seminar. 
  • Everyone will receive: Free Seminar, Goal setting & plan implementation, test-in & out InBody scans, in-depth habit & lifestyle assessment. 
  • Premium Challengers will receive (1) Power-Hour Nutrition Planning Session, App Access, individual Coaching for 6-weeks AND a Grocery Store trip with a Coach. 
  • We will also be hosting a Sunday private group fitness class just for the challengers, which will end with team breakout sessions with a coach to discuss each week’s habit change goals, talk about our struggles and receive guidance for the week to come. 
  • We’re also putting together a group packet that will be the king of lifestyle/nutritional wellness resources that you can keep forever as a guide for your healthy lifestyle as life beyond the challenge begins. 
  • Each week of the challenge will have a unique habit & lifestyle focus which will be explored at weekly breakout sessions following our private fitness class. This will ensure our focus stays razor sharp on what it is as individuals we’re working on! 
  • And of course, no challenge is complete without prizes – Top finishers will be chosen in 3-categories: Habit Change & Lifestyle Scoring, Biometric Improvements and Spirit of the Challenge. Prizes will include a Hypervolt Hyperice, a PowerDot, $250 Amazon Giftcard, Ascent Protein Packs and more!

There are only 20 spots available for this challenge, and it is open to the public. [button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] More Info & Sign-Up[/button] Are you nervous? Good. Scared? Even better. If what we hope to accomplish for ourselves isn’t big enough to shake us…then we’re not thinking big enough. The current toxic habits & lifestyle we will be looking to take head on may be what’s preventing you from getting to that next level. Take a moment to think about what it will be like to finally kick smoking, lock in 8 hours of quality sleep or not worry about your nutrition, what will you be able to achieve with that habit dialed in for good?! The Friendship Team truly hopes to see a dedicated, bought in group who is ready to go in September and I am personally looking forward to seeing this through with you to kick those habits for good! Friendship Nutrition Challenge 2019: Change your habits, change your life! Hugs,  Coach Andy  

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