Butts and Guts: Week 6


Week 6!  The final week!  Who has done all the at home workouts?!  Have you noticed some things getting easier?! What do you think has been the most challenging movement we have done?  This now gives you 6 core workouts that you can mix and match to continue to work on improving that strength & stability.  I recommend doing at least 2 extra core workouts/week to help maintain what you have improved on and continue making those ab and butt gains 😉Remember to tag us in your Butts & Guts posts (@friendshipfitnessohio and #buttsandguts) for a chance at winning a prize each week! & join us Saturday at 9:30am for our last  30 min class! $5 to drop in if not currently a Friendship Client! Warm-Up:

10 Toe Taps each leg10 Single leg bridges with knee hug10 Side leg raises10 second crunch holdWork-out:

2 rounds10 Uppers 10 Lowers10 Whole body *performed 4 directions- on your back, on left side, on right side, on stomachThen…20 step back lunge hops each leg

Key Points:-all warm-up items should be done with control!  -Stay directly on your side with those movements!  -When laying on your back- the lowers are NOT a big movement!  Just trying to roll your hips under-Feet together for exercises laying on your stomach


Protein:While protein is crucial to building muscle when paired with exercise; more is not always better! A standard rule of thumb would be to try and consume 1gm of protein per pound of body weight daily; and that is our challenge this week! Lean proteins are best (chicken, turkey, fish) especially if you’re trying to save room in your daily nutrition for other tasty fats! As an added bonus, try adding some excitement into your weekly menu and prepare an “old” protein in a new way, going out of your way to find an exciting recipe to make a new household staple! For Week 5, please go here:    

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