Masters 2021 Recap

This year we brought back our 9th annual Friendship Masters Challenge. After taking a brief COVID hiatus, we were extremely grateful to have the energy, excitement and positivity that is synonymous with this event back in our facility. I want to take a quick moment to share my congratulations and gratitude to all who participated, volunteered and cheered!

This event is important for so many reasons, but I think none more important than as sheer proof. Proof that you can be an amazing parent and still push your own personal limits, which is incredibly inspiring for your kids to witness. Proof that lifetime bests and PRs can still happen in your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! Proof that you can do it and all you need to step on that floor is have the right mindset and attitude.

Seeing this proof on the competition floor every year has given a valuable perspective to me, and our community. I’ve been lucky enough to see competitors who signed up back in 2012, in their low 40’s who are more fit, look better and feel better in their late-40’s or 50’s than they did back then! Each year I’m lucky enough to have conversations that this will be the first time someone has competed since they were a teenager, or EVER!

What a great reminder that you’re never too old to try something new. It’s never too late to get in world class shape. And it’s never out of style to get out of your comfort zone a bit — That is where ALL the good stuff happens!

All it takes is the right mindset and attitude. One that is unphased by set-backs, fiercely optimistic and bullish on yourself, and most importantly one that finds joy and happiness in the success of others. Because those that have competed in 8 or 9 Masters competitions will all tell you, that it’s all about who joins you on the journey and who you get to celebrate with when you accomplish something great.

Thanks so much and congratulations for all the high fives, firsts, PRs and fears conquered. Thank you for giving us those moments to inspire us!

We will be looking to do a Spring Competition that is a “Decades” Competition where you will have a team comprised of people from different eras, born in different decades. A team could be someone born in the 2000’s, 1970’s and 1990’s. More details will be released around November, so like/follow us on Social for updates!

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