Masters 2021 Recap

This year we brought back our 9th annual Friendship Masters Challenge. After taking a brief COVID hiatus, we were extremely grateful to have the energy,

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Episode 131: Happiness Part 1: Mindset & Goals

In this episode we discuss: Stress Free LivingTime FreedomLove & Relationship FreedomAttachments that are non-stressfulRelationships that have no attachment biasLiving our natural human livesNatureAnimalsWalkingGrowing/learningTime for

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The Importance of Personal Training and Coaching Relationships

The origins of Personal Training date back to 776 B.C. when the Ancient Greeks would begin preparing themselves for the Olympic Games. These original coaches were men of honor, typically holding esteemed positions in the community like military or religious leaders. They were spiritual trainers, as much as they were coaching the athletes physically. Fast forward 2,700 years and the practice is continued today. The best and the brightest coaches and trainers are still gurus in all aspects, mental and physical, and understand the relationship between the two domains. In this blog, we will discuss the value and importance of committing to this relationship.

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